About Me

I live in New York.  Okay, okay - I actually live in New Jersey, but that doesn't sound nearly as romantic.  I can see Lower Manhattan from the front door of my apartment building, though.  The new World Trade Center is framed perfectly by the brownstones and lovely trees lining my block.  It is pretty cool to watch the daily progress on the tower.  As of February 2013 they are assembling the spire, and they recently put on a new block of windows.

I work at a fashion school for now.  Seeing a mannequin rolling down the hallway in front of my office isn't unusual.  I covet the beautiful dresses that go in the first-floor display case every semester.

I started this blog because I wanted to seriously evaluate how I dress.  I felt boring, and needed inspiration to get out of a shopping and dressing rut.  It helps me to see a picture of my outfit - because that is how other people will see me.  Even in the first few days I was surprised at how much I disliked some outfits after seeing a picture - outfits that I previously thought were fine.  So, this is more of a personal 'journey' of sorts, borne out through the internet.

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