Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JCrew Jacquard Dot Top Review

I recently picked up the JCrew Jacquard Dot Top for 25% off.  It comes in ivory, "fresh guava", and "violet dust".  Normal retail price is $110.  I think it's a really versatile top that can be worn on the weekend, at work, or anywhere in between.  I purchased a size 6 which is my usual size in JCrew tops.  I am 5'8'' and the length is good for me; for a shorter person it may be long.

Pros: Wardrobe workhorse for sure.  A great basic top that goes with everything, with enough design elements to still be special.  The ivory color can be worn year-round. Very comfortable.

Cons:  A bit sheer.  In the pictures I'm wearing it with a nude bra and it looks okay, but you may want to wear a cami underneath.  100% synthetic (mostly viscose).  I'm disappointed that this isn't even a silk blend.  For $110, I want a little more than synthetic fibers.

Verdict:  Buy on sale. 



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  1. I like your outfits, but I agree- that is an extremely high price to pay for a synthetic blouse.

  2. Thanks! Would you mind measuring the hip for me in the size 6? I have been back and forth on the 6 versus 8. Thanks so much.

    1. I measured 20.5'' across (41'' total)

  3. That's really cute & very versatile. I like it w/the red & w/the grey. I have to agree on the fabric. I'm thinking $22.80 Forever 21. Of course the cut may not be as nice, but...

    Thanks for sharing pics :)