Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mint Chocolate

Hi Mom!  What are you doing?
This is the only pair of pants I own right now that actually fits.  Sigh. 

NYC winters are FAR too long.  As a native Texan, winter should last a few days at most.  During the first week of March it should be downright warm, and winter coats and sweaters have long since been put away for another year.  Sadly, NYC is not Texas.  It is snowing today, and the wind chill is 18 degrees.  I hate my coat.  I hate my scarves.  I hate my gloves.  I hate freezing my butt of when I walk the dog at 6am.  I. am. over. it.  Luckily this sweater reminds me that yes, it is March, and that all of this shivering and suffering will be rewarded in a few weeks.  Blossoms!  Leaves! Sunshine!  Birds chirping!  The warm sun on your back!  Aaahhhhh...

Sweater - JCrew Tippi in heather turquoise
Scarf - Saachi
Pants - Ann Taylor
Bag- Fossil
Shoes - Born
Dog - Pomeranian

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