Friday, February 15, 2013


JCrew, I hate you.  You and your stupid 30% off sales.  Why you gotta go and make me drop $200 on clothes?  Once I'm at $100 I can't just stop there because your stupid free shipping limit is insane.

I got a lot of stuff, but I guess I shouldn't feel bad for buying stuff I know I will wear and that I know will fit.  I'm slowly doing a closet purge so new stuff helps me ID old stuff for recycling.

This is my first belting experience.  The belt was about $10 at JCrew, which is cheaper than I can buy a belt at my local secondhand store.  I wear a lot of blue and a lot of purple-ish colors, so I got one in each of those colors.  [This belt is blue, in case the picture isn't clear.]  I'm not sure how to belt a cardigan without it getting a little bunched up, or having a fabric muffin top.  More experimentation necessary, I guess.  This look is good though.  Yay experimenting!

As a side note, I find JCrew sweaters to run really large.  I struck out initially with the Tippi sweater in medium but finally tried again with a small.  The one in the picture is a size small.

Cardigan - JCrew Tippi in heather silver
Blouse - Tahari via Filene's (RIP Filene's)
Skirt - JCrew Number 2 in double-serge wool
Belt - JCrew Round Buckle Belt in Bluebird
Shoes - Born

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  1. You already know what I'm gonna say...I have that skirt, same color. Maybe I've already told you that on another post, I can't remember. It's one of my favorites though. The quality is great and grey is a lot more versatile that I ever realized.

    I really like the belt. I might have to try that.