Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

This is half of the outfit that inspired the name of this blog.  A blazer from Banana Republic...in size 8 Petite.

I think this is the only JCrew pencil skirt I haven't worn yet for the blog.  If you're counting, this is #4.  Is there a group for people like me?  I took a couple of pictures and initially realized that I looked like I had a broken neck because my scarf was tied too tight and too high on my neck.  Loosening it up helped A LOT.

Blazer - Banana Republic
Skirt - JCrew Number 2
Shirt - JCrew Perfect Tee
Scarf - Saachi via HauteLook


  1. I bought 4 Banana skirts this weekend. 4! If they fit, I buy.

    I like the blazer with the skirt. I need new ideas of tops to wear with skirts and that's perfect. I think I've got a few I never wear. Score.

    1. I have to resist buying all of the colors of JCrew skirts. Eventually I will end up with a whole rainbow of them and my life will be complete.