Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Iced Lilac

Yesterday at work, while I was filling my water bottle, I am pretty sure I was mistaken for a student.  A worker in the registrar's office came up and introduced himself.  I did likewise, and quickly stated what department I worked in.  He seemed surprised.  Looks I need to try harder to look like a Grown Up.

Have a sweater that is a little too big?  Layer it!  I got this sweater at the JCrew After Christmas sale and I should have gotten a size smaller.  It makes me look dumpy, even with a cami underneath.  Today I tried to see if it would look as baggy with a button down, and I like the way it turned out.  Normally I have a hard time doing the button-down layering thing, because inevitably the two layers never sit right and the arm is twisted the wrong way and one of the sleeves is bunched up to my elbow and oh god make it stop!  This sweater has a little more room to maneuver when layering.  I like it, and I even attempted to roll up the sleeves and pop the collar a little.  It looked too stuffy otherwise.  Long story short, in the future I will buy this sweater in a smaller size but will keep this one around for its layering potential.

Sweater - JCrew Merino V-Neck in Iced Lilac
Button-down - Ann Taylor
Pants - The Limited
Shoes - Indigo by Clarks

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