Friday, February 1, 2013

Casual Friday

My office doesn't really do casual Fridays.  But I can't stand to see my husband walk out the door in jeans without following suit.  Nobody has said anything...yet.

This blouse, which I stupidly obscured with a scarf, is one of my favorite tops.  It's Diane von Furstenburg and my guess is that it retails for at least $250 (for a blouse!).  But, lucky me, I used to work next to a fabulous store called Secondi.  Located on Connecticut Avenue in DC, it is a consignment shop that sells gently used women's clothing.  I am pretty sure they only take certain brands - no Old Navy here.  I bought a few things there when I lived in DC, but this is by far my favorite.  It was, if I remember correctly, $40.  My guess is that it sat on the rack for a while because the tag says it's a size 4 - clearly vanity sized.  One day I'll wear an outfit that shows it off a little better... (By the way, let's talk about why some woman out there got rid of a $250+ blouse!  Secondi is chock full of stuff that I wouldn't dream of getting rid of.  Who spends so much on clothes and then gets bored with them?)

I just calculated that the jacket + jeans + top retails for $675.  I paid $153 - just 23% of the original price.  Shopping win!

Jacket - JCrew Hacking Jacket
Scarf - Emu Australia via
Jeans - Joe's Cigarette via Neiman Marcus Last Call
Booties - Born
Blouse - Diane von Furstenburg via Secondi

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