Thursday, February 7, 2013

The day before the blizzard, or the dusting. Nobody can decide.

I have a meeting today that will involve some campus VIPs so I figure I had better look like I know what I'm talking about.  This purple blazer...I got it in high school, probably in 2002 or 2003.  At Gap Outlet.  And it's not a piece of crap.  There is nothing (nothing!) you can buy at Gap Outlet today that isn't a piece of crap.  I kept this jacket even through my Fat Phase and I'm so glad I did, even though it didn't fit for a few years. This purchase was likely the start of my Purple Obsession.  If it comes in purple. I will buy it.  I could make several unique outfits - right down to the skivvies - completely out of purple garments.  Also note my purple shoes.  I love purple...sigh.  (My glasses are purple too.)


Blazer - Gap Outlet circa 2003
Blouse - Classiques Entier via Nordstrom Rack
Skirt - JCrew Number 2 in Super 120s
Shoes - Cole Haan

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